How to Find Office Space for a Small Business

Deciding to start a business is challenging. Even more challenging, is the prospect of finding proper office space to fit your business needs. Each business and each business owner is unique as are their needs. Understanding what your individual business needs are, is the first step in conquering the task of finding the best office best available to you. This article will take a look at how you, as a business owner, can find what you require in an office space.

Evaluate and Understand What Your Office Needs Are

The first step to finding proper office space is taking a hard, long look at all aspects of your business. It is vital as a business owner that you know what your estimated budget is, how much space you will require, and what your potential future growth will be. Understanding what you want will make the process of finding an office space for your small business run as smooth as possible. You can check out other sources such as to help you determine your office needs.

So, How Much Space Do I Need?

This is often a question people struggle with when buying or leasing a business space. You can find a great resource for office space needs by following this Linkedin source. Typically, the rule of thumb is 75-150 total square feet per employee. Depending on the type of small business you are running, you may also need to remember that you likely will need a conference room or area as well. A basic way to add the math for the total area needed for your small business is to take 80 square feet multiplied by the total number of employees, and then add 25 percent for common room areas. To account for the personalized growth of your business simply add an additional 10 to 20 percent.

Remember Client and Employee Needs

This category is based solely on the type of business you are running. Different small businesses will require many different client and employee needs. For example, often times tech companies require open spaces in their offices. However, a doctor’s office will require much smaller, private and individual offices and rooms. Make sure to know what the interior layout needs to be before deciding on an office space. Take a look at this Forbes article showcasing common office space mistakes.

Parking is one of the most overlooked aspects of potential office seekers. Just as mentioned above, the parking needs of employees and clients will differ depending on the type of business you are running. If you are running a business that the client does not need to visit your office, parking can be limited to just potential employees. Always be sure to take a look at the parking lot before purchasing your small business office property. When purchasing your first business property, or any additional business properties, it is always vital that you as the business owner, seek the professional opinion of a real estate company. An experienced realtor can work with you to help determine your business needs, and aid in finding the best available property.