How-to Prepare to Design Your New Bedroom

When you have the opportunity to design your own bedroom, the process is exciting but daunting. You know what you want overall, but you don’t know where to start. Shopping at this point would be even more confusing because you have too many choices without having a plan. Not knowing where to start makes this happy time very stressful. No worries, here is a step by step guide to get you ready to design your bedroom.

Measure the Space

Dust off your tape measure and actually take down the measurements of the room. Be sure to note the height of the ceiling too. Purchase some graph paper and map out your space on it. Sometimes it is difficult to judge the scale of furniture in your space. This graph will help you make good decisions when you are out shopping.

Check the Layout

Mark your graph with the doorways, windows, closet space, and any unique features. You may want to go ahead and measure these too. With these measurements written on the side of your graph, you will be able to answer any questions that come up while out shopping. Creating a floor plan for your furniture will be easy.

Choose the Color Pallet

Decide what colors you want to decorate with in the room. Already having your colors in mind will help you decide on the type of furniture you want, and later the accessories. The color pallet sets the tone for your bedroom and is an important decision in this process.

Decide on the Style

There are many styles to choose from in a furniture store Miami. The simple lines of modern furniture are popular, and Miami is the leader in this trend. No longer is the bulky carved furniture in style. Modern furniture has clean lines, and light geometry styling.

Choose Necessity Furniture Pieces

Next up, think about the different pieces of furniture that are available for bedrooms and what their function is. If your closet will house all of your clothing, you may not need a dresser. You may decide you would like a sitting area in your bedroom. Think about what you use your bedroom for and it will show you what furniture pieces you do and don’t need in that space.

  • sleeping
  • storing clothing
  • watching television
  • Relaxing
  • Home office

Now you are ready to go furniture shopping. Take a knowledgeable friend with you that can help you make wise choices within the guidelines you have already set. With your bedroom’s measurements marked on graph paper, you will know the size of furniture you need. You can visually place the furniture choices on your graph to get an idea of how they will lay out. You can tell if your furniture you like is too large for the space or too small. A little preplanning will go a long way when you begin the fun step of shopping for your furniture.