The Best Way to Keep Warm in Extreme Cold

According to Mayo Clinic, hypothermia is an extremely dangerous medical condition where your body begins to shut down when the temperature of your body reaches 95 degrees or lower. When your body begins to face hypothermia, your body temperature drops, your nervous system fails, along with all your other organs. Over the years, earth has been experiencing extreme weather changes that have cause the Summers to become much more hotter and the winters to become much colder. Many people have become extremely ill and or have lost their lives due to extreme cold. It is critical that homeowners take preventative measures in keeping their loved ones from suffering from hypothermia. Many homeowners should consider getting their heating systems repaired and or maintenance in order to work efficiently at heating the entire home.

According to, in the year of 2014, Chicago, IL hit a world record of being negative 16 degrees Fahrenheit, due to an arctic air mass that happen to bring the coldest temperatures into Chicago in nearly two whole decades. This was one of the coldest outbreaks that had occurred in many years and unfortunately, many people lost their lives, even being indoors. Many homeowners don’t understand the seriousness of keeping their home at optimal warmth during the winter months. There are many winters where the temperatures become unbearable for many. Hypothermia continues to happen every single day in the United States, even when people are indoors. Older adults and younger children are more prone to developing hypothermia in the winter months, if they are not properly coping with the winter temperatures. The important thing to take from this, is that hypothermia is in fact preventable. As long as you remain in a comfortable temperature, room temperature, you do not have to worry about facing this medical condition.

Many homeowners fail to realize how serious it is to keep your home warm during the winter months. Even though you are indoors, your home can get as cold as the temperature outdoors in only minutes. If your home is an older home, with older windows and material, your home is likely to lose heat rapidly without any running heating systems. The best way to keep warm is to make sure that your heating system is running at optimal condition. Your heating system should be able to heat up the home in minutes when turned on. If your heater is failing and is lacking heat, you may want to think about having a professional service your heater. There are many professionals around your area who are extremely affordable and are more than willing to come out to your location to service and or repair your heater. Take time to search online for: furnace repair Cincinnati OH.

Overall, keeping your home warm is extremely important to preventing cold-related medical conditions. Many of these cold-related medical conditions can definitely be prevented if you are taking preventative measures by keeping your home warm. If you are noticing that your heating system is lacking power and or efficiency, make sure you have a professional take a look at it before the cold kicks it.