What’s the Difference between a Custom and Production Home? 

There is no doubt about it. A custom-built home stands out from the crowd of homes on the same block or in a particular area. A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home with unique architectural design and interior luxury upgrades.

This type of home often offers flexibility in architecture and home design because the buyer generally chooses the home’s location and environment such as a wood area. However, it’s important to understand the differences between a custom home and one that is part of a production. Many homebuilders such as Saussy Burbank build both types of homes.

What is a Production Home?

A home in a planned community is a production home. The production builders plan and build communities that are narrow in design and scope. For example, the houses in the planned community is preselected home types such as two-story or one-story family homes. The lots the homes are built on were picked and purchased by the builders prior to construction.

The latter is one big difference between a custom and production home. A custom home is built on land purchased by the owner of the home. They own the land. However, the builder picks and purchases the lots for the new homes.

Production Builders Construct a Large Number of New Homes

Each year, production homebuilders are responsible for constructing a large number of homes. These homes are often different according to what area they are built in such as a suburb or urban area. However, they may offer a various number of home layouts such as a one-, two- or three-bedroom home.

The Control of the Layout of the Home Depends on Whether it’s a Custom of Production Home

A second difference between a custom and production home is the homebuyer is in control of the layout of the home. In general, the builder uses construction plans from their building firm. A homebuyer is limitless in their design because they are creating their floor plan layout.

For example, a homebuyer designing their own home may want a multigenerational family home. This type of home often includes a mother-in-law suit or a separated living space within the home. Both often have an apartment-style space with its own full bathroom, living area and kitchenette. It provides more than one home within a house. Majority of the production homes don’t offer this type of floor plan.

This can be a drawback for anyone wanting to build a custom home. How the home looks is up to the homebuyer, not the homebuilder. The homebuyer must make all decisions from wall color and carpet to the cabinet knobs and lighting.

Ask the Professional When Seek a New Home

Whether a homebuyer purchases a production home or custom home will depend on a variety of factors such as budget and personal taste. It will also depend on how much effort they want to put into building their perfect, dream home. Before deciding which type of new construction to buy, contact a homebuilder.